MIB&G Program

Student participation in Theater program

Theater Program

Monday (Age 10 and Under)
Wednesday (Age 11 and Up)

Youth will be introduced to various acting styles designed to improve confidence, creative thinking, self-expression, communication, leadership and interpersonal skills. Students will practice improvisational techniques through various exercises requiring the students to be “quick on their feet,” while making informed decisions. Participants will perform in an MIB production, written with youth input and based on issues they are confronted with. Youth will have the opportunity to perform at various events throughout the community

Our programs offered through MIB, will give every child and parent:

  • Have Fun
  • Develop and enhance artistic abilities
  • Build self-esteem
  • Improve self-discipline and increase self-worth
  • Learn group dynamics and how to respect others’ ideas, collaboration and communication skills
  • Improve accountability and learn how to take direction
  • Improve academics
  • Participate in community service
  • Commit themselves to a course of action and see it through to completion
  • Practice self-evaluation


Village 856 Broadway King Street,
New York


Email: Team-mib@ddppmedia.com
Facebook: Mentors-Inspiring-Boys-Girls