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Black Mob: The Game is Chess, not Checkers!

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They have no desire to stack all of yours on top of all of theirs and claim it as their own. They don’t want to rule the world or occupy whole countries. They have no nuclear warheads or stealth bombers with laser guided missiles. Their weapons were forged from pain and poverty. Which they inherited from pain and poverty.

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Fast Furious & Fatherless: An Urban Tale

Fast ff cover frontimage

Where Do You Turn When daddy runs away from home and no matter where you are, you always feel alone. Where Do You Turn When mama’s trying to find herself in another man’s bed, and often times, you find yourself wishing you were dead. Where Do You Turn When Blunts, Booz and accommodating woman and men can’t seem to feel the hole, you have within.

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Men Invested in Boys & Girls Performing Arts Program


Interview done by WROC-TV, channel 8 in Rochester, NY. Men Invested in Boys & Girls is a performing arts program designed to build self confidence in youth 10-18 through theater,... Read more about 'Men Invested in Boys & Girls Performing Arts Program'...

knock, knock


Christopher Johnson performs Daniel Beaty's "Knock, Knock" for the Roc Stars Talent show. He placed 2nd in the poetry category. Read more about 'knock, knock'...

MIB&G IN Albany

performance Albany

Rochester, NY's Mentors Inspiring Boys & Girls program performing in front of 2,000 people in Albany, NY demanding more funding for schools, quality education, and the right to graduate. Read more about 'MIB&G IN Albany'...

Why MIB&G Arts Program

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Mentors Inspiring Boys & Girls (MIB) is an artistic and character development program, for youth ages 8-18, involving theater, creative writing, poetry, step and dance.

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