About DDPP


About DDPP & Publications

Down In The Dirt Productions & Publications aim is to open the mind’s eye through the arts. Our message is one of hope, purpose and opportunity. We aspire to illuminate the possibilities that reside in us as individuals, communities and families. Through our artistic development classes, stage productions, books and family events, we will educate, inspire, and incite grave change.

We believe that the by-product of high expectations is excellence. We will set the bar and toe the line, never giving up, never giving in, and never wavering. Staying steadfast and true in our efforts to motivate and cultivate change.

We of Down In The Dirt Productions and Publications promise to provide the community with the best stage productions, workshops, classes, books and, family events. We will always inspire youth and adults to look at the endless possibilities that reside in a lifetime. Our message will always be one of hope, for without it, there is only hopelessness.

Down In The Dirt Productions & Publications envisions a world where everyone is significant, a world where issues are brought to the surface, resolutions are sought and new information is imparted. A world where individually we begin to heal, a sense of community is restored, and families are rebuilt.

Down In The Dirt Productions & Publications is dedicated to providing the community with plays, books, workshops, conferences, classes, and other events that will be not only entertaining and enlightening, but will also provide opportunities for learning. As an organization, our objective is to surface the issues that plague our community and also provide solutions which will help our community work through these same issues.

It is the belief of Down In The Dirt Production & Publications that you should not feed a man but teach him how to feed himself. Scripture says that “We perish, for lack of knowledge.” We will open the mind’s eyes, and provide lifesaving messages. Our vision is a community where hope replaces hopelessness, where faith has replaced doubt and fear, and where a peaceful resolution is the rule and not the exception.