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Robert Ricks

Owner and Founder of DDP & MIB

Down in the Dirt Productions, under the leadership of Robert Ricks, has been a staple on the Rochester, NY theater and literary scene. After over 10 years Down In The Dirt Productions & Publications aim is to open the mind’s eye through the arts. Our message is one of hope, purpose and opportunity. We aspire to illuminate the possibilities that reside in us as individuals, communities and families. Through our artistic development classes, stage productions, books and family events; we will educate, inspire, and incite change.

Down In The Dirt Productions & Publications is dedicated to providing the community with plays, books, workshops, conferences, classes, and other events that will be entertaining, enlightening and also provide opportunities for learning. As an organization our objective is to surface the issues that plague our community but also provide solutions which will help our community deal with those issues

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CityWise Panel Group

Mentors Inspiring - Robert Ricks

CityWise is a weekly talkshow that covers issues and information vital to daily living of particular interest to Rochester City residents. We thank the city for its continued interest in the arts for the City of Rochester youth and inviting DDPPmedia and Robert Ricks to talk on the panel MENTORS INSPIRING.


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